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Don't let the menopause leave you hot and bothered!

We help women and make this transitional period as easy as possible, reducing worry and stress through information and useful impartial help and support, including sending our free quarterly newsletters digitally. In order to receive them, simply fill out our quick sign up form.

The latest issue (93) of The Menopause Exchange newsletter is now available.

The Menopause Exchange gives independent advice about the menopause, midlife and post-menopausal health.

We provide information on menopausal symptoms and coping with the menopause using self-help lifestyle tips, HRT, prescribed medicine alternatives to HRT, complementary therapies and medicines and health promotion advice including nutrition and exercise.

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are always happy to help.

What our members say about us

“Thank you for all your menopause newsletters. I have found them very helpful and interesting and I have no hesitation in recommending your work to other women at the menopause stage of life.”
- AS, Surrey

“I find The Menopause Exchange newsletters factual and invaluable and I look forward to receiving them.”
- BZ, Leeds

“I really appreciate these fantastic, free newsletters. Thank you for all the work you put into them.”
- SM, Scotland

“I love this newsletter. It keeps me sane and my partner too!”
- JB, Gloucestershire

“I find The Menopause Exchange to be so helpful and a lifeline. Some days I feel I am going crazy. Coping with a difficult menopause can feel quite lonely, but your newsl6tter makes me feel less isolated, so I would like to thank you for it. Don’t omit anything because it is so good.”
- JL, Sussex

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  • Our aims are:

    • To raise awareness of the menopause and its management
    • To provide impartial information
    • To help women make informed decisions about their own health and wellbeing with healthcare professionals
    • To inform healthcare professionals and those responsible for employee health.
  • We can help you if:

    • You are approaching or going through the menopause
    • You have had a hysterectomy or premature menopause
    • You are post-menopausal
    • You are interested in midlife issues
    • You are a healthcare professional with an interest in the menopause
    • You are a manager or employer and need to understand how the menopause can affect your team’s health and work.
  • Menopause Webinars, Talks and Workshops

    Our founder, Norma Goldman, who qualified as a pharmacist and is a health promotion specialist, regularly presents webinars, talks and workshops on all aspects of the menopause. Norma also shares ways to cope with issues around mid-life and post-menopausal health.

    Sessions include a question time and a useful fact sheet is provided. For more information see our workplace webinars, talks & workshops and our webinars pages.

    Call 020 8420 7245 or email us to enquire about availability.

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