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If you would like to discuss how we can help you and give you advice call us on 020 8420 7245 or email us on info@menopause-exchange.co.uk

Membership to The Menopause Exchange entitles you to quarterly issues of The Menopause Exchange newsletters emailed for free, use of our information service and use of our 'Ask the Experts' panel. The Menopause Exchange newsletter contains articles written by healthcare professionals (such as GPs, consultant gynaecologists, pharmacists, menopause nurses and dietitians), complementary therapists and major medical charities. It is produced for anyone with an interest in the menopause, midlife and post-menopausal health. We provide impartial, practical information on various topics, including menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, HRT, prescribed medicine alternatives to HRT, complementary therapies and medicines, nutrition, exercise, self-help lifestyle tips and health problems (e.g. thyroid disease, ovarian cancer etc).

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The Menopause Exchange back issues are available by post. Back issues cost £2.75 with a special offer of four for £8.00. If you would like to order these, we take payments through our online PayPal account. Alternatively, send off your completed form (download below) with a cheque (payable to The Menopause Exchange), to PO Box 205, Bushey, Herts WD23 1ZS, England.

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