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Talks and Seminars

Talks, Seminars & Workshops

Norma Goldman, founder & director of The Menopause Exchange, has a degree in pharmacy and is a qualified health promotion specialist. She is a public speaker and presents talks, seminars and workshops to women interested in the menopause, midlife and post-menopausal health. Attendees receive impartial, practical and easily understood information, which will enable them to make informed decisions about how to cope with the menopause with the help of a healthcare professional. They will also have the opportunity to share their experiences with other women in interactive sessions if they wish to do so and to ask questions.

Norma also presents to healthcare professionals, line managers, health and safety officers and others responsible for the wellbeing of employees.

The presentations can take place in companies and other organisations, workplaces, exhibitions, to women’s groups and at other venues. They can be tailormade to suit the audience or fit in with specific requirements. Norma Goldman is also available for the production of a podcast.

The following comments were written on evaluation forms by attendees:

"Norma was very articulate, obviously is very well versed in the subject, informative, clear and precise in her speaking. Maybe this should be an annual event."

"I am a line manager and this presentation will form the basis to understand the menopause allowing me to be more educated."

"Really informative and enjoyable. I didn’t feel remotely uncomfortable or embarrassed. It was lovely to be all together and for attendees to interact with each other and the speaker if they wished to do so."

"I am not going through the menopause yet but I came to the talk to learn more as I have two colleagues going through this."

"I found your presentation very useful and came back with lots of top tips."

"Thank you for a very interesting and thought provoking talk that will be useful as a male manager and husband."

"I absolutely loved it and there was humour that put us at ease."

"The excellent information for coping with the menopause was very balanced, looking at HRT, complementary therapies and tips."

For more information and testimonials of talks, seminars and workshops, please email info@menopause-exchange.co.uk , giving your name, organisation if applicable, requirements, email address, postal address and telephone number.

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